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Inkscape::Whiteboard::SessionManager Class Reference

#include <session-manager.h>

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Detailed Description

Session management class for Inkboard.

By "session management", we refer to the management of all events that an Inkboard session may need to handle: negotiating a connection to a Jabber server, negotiating sessions with users and chatrooms, sending, receiving, and parsing messages, and so forth.

SessionManager instances are associated with Inkscape desktop objects on a 1:1 basis.

Definition at line 207 of file session-manager.h.

Public Member Functions

Callbackscallbacks ()
ChatMessageHandler * chat_handler ()
void clearDocument ()
void closeSession ()
void connectionError (Glib::ustring const &errmsg)
int connectToServer (Glib::ustring const &server, Glib::ustring const &port, Glib::ustring const &username, Glib::ustring const &pw, bool usessl)
Deserializerdeserializer ()
::SPDesktopdesktop ()
void disconnectFromDocument ()
void disconnectFromServer ()
::SPDocumentdocument ()
LmSSLResponse handleSSLError (LmSSL *ssl, LmSSLStatus status)
bool isPlayingSessionFile ()
void loadSessionFile (Glib::ustring filename)
XMLNodeTrackernode_tracker ()
void receiveChange (Glib::ustring const &changemsg)
void receiveConnectRequest (gchar const *requesterJID)
void receiveConnectRequestResponse (InvitationResponses response, std::string &sender)
void receiveConnectRequestResponseChat (gchar const *recipient)
void resendDocument (char const *recipientJID, KeyToNodeMap &newidsbuf, NodeToKeyMap &newnodesbuf)
void sendChange (Glib::ustring const &msg, MessageType type, std::string const &recipientJID, bool chatroom)
void sendConnectRequestResponse (char const *requesterJID, gboolean accepted_request)
int sendMessage (MessageType msgtype, unsigned int sequence, Glib::ustring const &msg, char const *recipientJID, bool chatroom)
void sendRequestToChatroom (Glib::ustring const &server, Glib::ustring const &chatroom, Glib::ustring const &handle, Glib::ustring const &password)
void sendRequestToUser (std::string const &recipientJID)
Serializer * serializer ()
SessionFile * session_file ()
SessionFilePlayer * session_player ()
 SessionManager (::SPDesktop *desktop)
void setDesktop (::SPDesktop *desktop)
void setInitialVerbSensitivity ()
void setRecipient (char const *recipientJID)
void setupCommitListener ()
void setupInkscapeInterface ()
void startLog (Glib::ustring filename)
void startReceiveQueueDispatch ()
void startSendQueueDispatch ()
void stopReceiveQueueDispatch ()
void stopSendQueueDispatch ()
Whiteboard::UndoStackObserverundo_stack_observer ()
void userConnectedToWhiteboard (gchar const *JID)
void userDisconnectedFromWhiteboard (std::string const &JID)

Public Attributes

struct SessionDatasession_data

Private Types


Private Member Functions

void _closeLog ()
void _commitLog ()
void _log (Glib::ustring const &message)
bool _pollReceiveConnectRequest (Glib::ustring const recipient)
void _setVerbSensitivity (SensitivityMode mode)
void _tryToStartLog ()
SessionManageroperator= (SessionManager const &)
 SessionManager (SessionManager const &)

Private Attributes

ChatMessageHandler * _myChatHandler
Serializer * _mySerializer
SessionFile * _mySessionFile
SessionFilePlayer * _mySessionPlayer
sigc::connection _notify_incoming_request
sigc::connection _receive_queue_dispatcher
sigc::connection _send_queue_dispatcher

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