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Inkscape::IO::InputStream Class Reference

#include <inkscapestream.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::IO::InputStream:

Inkscape::IO::BasicInputStream Inkscape::IO::StdInputStream Inkscape::IO::StringInputStream Inkscape::IO::UriInputStream Inkscape::IO::Base64InputStream Inkscape::IO::GzipInputStream Inkscape::IO::XsltInputStream

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Detailed Description

This interface is the base of all input stream classes. Users who wish to make an InputStream that is part of a chain should inherit from BasicInputStream. Inherit from this class to make a source endpoint, such as a URI or buffer.

Definition at line 51 of file inkscapestream.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int available ()=0
virtual void close ()=0
virtual int get ()=0
 InputStream ()
virtual ~InputStream ()

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