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void unclump ( GSList *  items  ) 

Unclumps the items in items, reducing local unevenness in their distribution. Produces an effect similar to "engraver dots". The only distribution which is unchanged by unclumping is a hexagonal grid. May be called repeatedly for stronger effect.

Definition at line 339 of file unclump.cpp.


    for (GSList *i = items; i != NULL; i = i->next) { //  for each original/clone x: 
        SPItem *item = SP_ITEM (i->data);

        GSList *nei = NULL;

        GSList *rest = g_slist_copy (items);
        rest = g_slist_remove (rest, item);

        while (rest != NULL) {
            SPItem *closest = unclump_closest (item, rest);
            if (closest) {
                nei = g_slist_prepend (nei, closest);
                rest = g_slist_remove (rest, closest);
                GSList *new_rest = unclump_remove_behind (item, closest, rest);
                g_slist_free (rest);
                rest = new_rest;
            } else {
                g_slist_free (rest);

        if (g_slist_length (nei) >= 2) {
            double ave = unclump_average (item, nei);

            SPItem *closest = unclump_closest (item, nei);
            SPItem *farest = unclump_farest (item, nei);

            double dist_closest = unclump_dist (closest, item);
            double dist_farest = unclump_dist (farest, item);

            //g_print ("NEI %d for item %s    closest %s at %g  farest %s at %g  ave %g\n", g_slist_length(nei), SP_OBJECT_ID(item), SP_OBJECT_ID(closest), dist_closest, SP_OBJECT_ID(farest), dist_farest, ave);

            if (fabs (ave) < 1e6 && fabs (dist_closest) < 1e6 && fabs (dist_farest) < 1e6) { // otherwise the items are bogus
                // increase these coefficients to make unclumping more aggressive and less stable
                // the pull coefficient is a bit bigger to counteract the long-term expansion trend
                unclump_push (closest, item, 0.3 * (ave - dist_closest)); 
                unclump_pull (farest, item, 0.35 * (dist_farest - ave));

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