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_CRTerm Struct Reference

#include <cr-term.h>

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Detailed Description

An abstraction of a css2 term as defined in the CSS2 spec in appendix D.1: term ::= [ NUMBER S* | PERCENTAGE S* | LENGTH S* | EMS S* | EXS S* | ANGLE S* | TIME S* | FREQ S* | function ] | STRING S* | IDENT S* | URI S* | RGB S* | UNICODERANGE S* | hexcolor

Definition at line 82 of file cr-term.h.

Public Attributes

gpointer app_data
union {
   CRNum *   num
   CRRgb *   rgb
   CRString *   str
union {
   CRTerm *   func_param
CRParsingLocation location
glong ref_count
enum Operator the_operator
enum CRTermType type
enum UnaryOperator unary_op

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