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icon.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

SPIcon: Generic icon widget

Definition in file icon.cpp.

#include "path-prefix.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <libnr/nr-macros.h>
#include <libnr/nr-rect.h>
#include <libnr/nr-matrix.h>
#include <libnr/nr-pixblock.h>
#include <libnr/nr-pixblock-pattern.h>
#include <libnr/nr-pixops.h>
#include <map>
#include <gtk/gtkiconfactory.h>
#include <gtk/gtkstock.h>
#include <gtk/gtkimage.h>
#include <gtkmm/image.h>
#include "forward.h"
#include "prefs-utils.h"
#include "inkscape-private.h"
#include "inkscape.h"
#include "document.h"
#include "sp-item.h"
#include "display/nr-arena.h"
#include "display/nr-arena-item.h"
#include "io/sys.h"
#include "icon.h"

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struct  svg_doc_cache_t


static void sp_icon_class_init (SPIconClass *klass)
static void sp_icon_clear (SPIcon *icon)
static void sp_icon_destroy (GtkObject *object)
guchar * sp_icon_doc_icon (SPDocument *doc, NRArenaItem *root, gchar const *name, unsigned psize)
static int sp_icon_expose (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventExpose *event)
GtkIconSize sp_icon_get_gtk_size (int size)
Gtk::Widget * sp_icon_get_icon (Glib::ustring const &oid, GtkIconSize size)
static int sp_icon_get_phys_size (int size)
GtkType sp_icon_get_type ()
static guchar * sp_icon_image_load (SPIcon *icon, gchar const *name)
static guchar * sp_icon_image_load_pixmap (gchar const *name, unsigned lsize, unsigned psize)
static guchar * sp_icon_image_load_svg (gchar const *name, unsigned lsize, unsigned psize)
static void sp_icon_init (SPIcon *icon)
GtkWidget * sp_icon_new (GtkIconSize lsize, gchar const *name)
static GtkWidget * sp_icon_new_full (GtkIconSize lsize, gchar const *name)
static void sp_icon_overlay_pixels (guchar *px, int width, int height, int stride, unsigned r, unsigned g, unsigned b)
static void sp_icon_paint (SPIcon *icon, GdkRectangle const *area)
static void sp_icon_reset (SPIcon *icon)
static void sp_icon_screen_changed (GtkWidget *widget, GdkScreen *previous_screen)
static void sp_icon_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget, GtkAllocation *allocation)
static void sp_icon_size_request (GtkWidget *widget, GtkRequisition *requisition)
static void sp_icon_style_set (GtkWidget *widget, GtkStyle *previous_style)
static void sp_icon_theme_changed (SPIcon *icon)


static GtkWidgetClass * parent_class
static bool sizeDirty = true

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