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desktop-widget.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Desktop widget implementation

Authors: Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@kaplinski.com> MenTaLguY <mental@rydia.net> bulia byak <buliabyak@users.sf.net> Ralf Stephan <ralf@ark.in-berlin.de>

Copyright (C) 2004 MenTaLguY Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Lauris Kaplinski Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Ximian, Inc.

Released under GNU GPL, read the file 'COPYING' for more information

Definition in file desktop-widget.cpp.

#include <glib.h>
#include <glibmm/i18n.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "macros.h"
#include "forward.h"
#include "inkscape-private.h"
#include "desktop.h"
#include "desktop-handles.h"
#include "desktop-events.h"
#include "desktop-affine.h"
#include "document.h"
#include "selection.h"
#include "select-context.h"
#include "desktop-widget.h"
#include "sp-namedview.h"
#include "interface.h"
#include "toolbox.h"
#include "prefs-utils.h"
#include "file.h"
#include "display/canvas-arena.h"
#include "display/gnome-canvas-acetate.h"
#include <extension/db.h>
#include "helper/units.h"
#include "widgets/button.h"
#include "widgets/ruler.h"
#include "widgets/icon.h"
#include "widgets/widget-sizes.h"
#include "widgets/spw-utilities.h"
#include "widgets/spinbutton-events.h"
#include "widgets/layer-selector.h"

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enum  {


static void set_adjustment (GtkAdjustment *adj, double l, double u, double ps, double si, double pi)
static void sp_desktop_widget_adjustment_value_changed (GtkAdjustment *adj, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
static void sp_desktop_widget_class_init (SPDesktopWidgetClass *klass)
static void sp_desktop_widget_destroy (GtkObject *object)
static gint sp_desktop_widget_event (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEvent *event, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
void sp_desktop_widget_fullscreen (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
GtkType sp_desktop_widget_get_type (void)
static void sp_desktop_widget_init (SPDesktopWidget *widget)
void sp_desktop_widget_layout (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
static void sp_desktop_widget_namedview_modified (SPNamedView *nv, guint flags, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
SPViewWidgetsp_desktop_widget_new (SPNamedView *namedview)
 Create a new SPViewWidget (which happens to be a SPDesktopWidget).
void sp_desktop_widget_queue_draw (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
static void sp_desktop_widget_realize (GtkWidget *widget)
void sp_desktop_widget_set_coordinate_status (SPDesktopWidget *dtw, gchar *cstr)
gint sp_desktop_widget_set_focus (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEvent *event, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
void sp_desktop_widget_set_title (SPDesktopWidget *dtw, gchar const *uri)
static void sp_desktop_widget_set_title (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
static void sp_desktop_widget_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget, GtkAllocation *allocation)
void sp_desktop_widget_toggle_rulers (SPDesktopWidget *dtw, bool is_fullscreen)
void sp_desktop_widget_toggle_scrollbars (SPDesktopWidget *dtw, bool is_fullscreen)
void sp_desktop_widget_update_rulers (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
void sp_desktop_widget_update_scrollbars (SPDesktopWidget *dtw, SPDocument *doc, double scale)
void sp_desktop_widget_update_zoom (SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
void sp_dtw_desktop_activate (SPDesktop *desktop, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
void sp_dtw_desktop_deactivate (SPDesktop *desktop, SPDesktopWidget *dtw)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_100 (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_200 (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_50 (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static gdouble sp_dtw_zoom_display_to_value (gdouble value)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_drawing (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static gint sp_dtw_zoom_input (GtkSpinButton *spin, gdouble *new_val, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_menu_handler (SPDesktop *dt, gdouble factor)
static bool sp_dtw_zoom_output (GtkSpinButton *spin, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_page (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_populate_popup (GtkEntry *entry, GtkMenu *menu, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_selection (GtkMenuItem *item, gpointer data)
static void sp_dtw_zoom_value_changed (GtkSpinButton *spin, gpointer data)
static gdouble sp_dtw_zoom_value_to_display (gdouble value)



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