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float_ligne_bord Struct Reference

#include <float-line.h>

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Detailed Description

temporary data for the FloatLigne() each float_ligne_bord is a boundary of some coverage the Flatten() function will extract non-overlapping runs and produce an array of float_ligne_run the float_ligne_bord are stored in an array, but linked like a boubly-linked list the idea behind that is that a given edge produces one float_ligne_bord at the beginning of Scan() and possibly another in AvanceEdge() and DestroyEdge(); but that second float_ligne_bord will not be far away in the list from the first, so it's faster to salvage the index of the first float_ligne_bord and try to insert the second from that salvaged position.

Definition at line 40 of file float-line.h.

Public Attributes

int other
 index, in the array of float_ligne_bord, of the other boundary associated to this one
int pend_ind
int pend_inv
 inverse of pend_ind, for faster handling of insertion/removal in the "pending" array
float pente
float pos
 position of the boundary
int s_next
 index of the next bord in the doubly-linked list
int s_prev
 index of the previous bord in the doubly-linked list
bool start
 is the beginning of the coverage portion?
float val
 amount of coverage (ie vst if start==true, and ven if start==false)

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