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SPItem Struct Reference

#include <sp-item.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all visible shapes.

Definition at line 87 of file sp-item.h.

Public Types

< SPObject const,
ParentIteratorStrategy > 
< SPObject const,
SiblingIteratorStrategy > 
< SPObject,
ParentIteratorStrategy > 
< SPObject,
SiblingIteratorStrategy > 

Public Member Functions

void _sendDeleteSignalRecursive ()
void _updateTotalHRefCount (int increment)
SPObject * appendChildRepr (SPRepr *repr)
CollectionPolicy collectionPolicy () const
 Set the policy under which this object will be orphan-collected.
void collectOrphan ()
 Unconditionally delete the object if it is not referenced.
sigc::connection connectDelete (sigc::slot< void, SPObject * > slot)
 Connects a slot to be called when an object is deleted.
sigc::connection connectTransformed (sigc::slot< void, NR::Matrix const *, SPItem * > slot)
gchar const * defaultLabel () const
 Returns a default label for this object.
void deleteObject (bool propagate=true)
 Deletes on object.
void deleteObject (bool propagate, bool propagate_descendants)
 Deletes an object.
gchar const * desc () const
void emitModified (unsigned int flags)
 Emits a modification notification signal.
SPObject const * firstChild () const
SPObject * firstChild ()
NR::Matrix getRelativeTransform (SPObject const *obj) const
bool hasChildren () const
bool isAncestorOf (SPObject const *object) const
bool isExplicitlyHidden () const
bool isHidden (unsigned display_key) const
bool isHidden () const
bool isLocked () const
bool isSiblingOf (SPObject const *object) const
bool isVisibleAndUnlocked (unsigned display_key) const
bool isVisibleAndUnlocked () const
gchar const * label () const
 Gets the author-visible label for this object.
SPObject const * lastChild () const
SPObject * lastChild ()
void lowerOne ()
void lowerToBottom ()
SPObject const * nearestCommonAncestor (SPObject const *object) const
void raiseOne ()
void raiseToTop ()
void requestDisplayUpdate (unsigned int flags)
 Queues an deferred update of this object's display.
void requestModified (unsigned int flags)
 Requests that a modification notification signal be emitted later (e.g. during the idle loop).
void requestOrphanCollection ()
 Requests a later automatic call to collectOrphan().
void setCollectionPolicy (CollectionPolicy policy)
 Sets the orphan-collection policy in effect for this object.
void setDesc (gchar const *desc)
void setExplicitlyHidden (bool val)
void setHidden (bool hidden)
void setLabel (gchar const *label)
 Sets the author-visible label for this object.
void setLocked (bool lock)
void setSuccessor (SPObject *successor)
 Indicates that another object supercedes this one.
void setTitle (gchar const *title)
SPObject * successor ()
 Returns the object which supercedes this one (if any).
gchar const * title () const
void updateDisplay (SPCtx *ctx, unsigned int flags)
 Updates the object's display immediately.
SPRepr * updateRepr (SPRepr *repr, unsigned int flags)
 Updates the given repr based on the object's state.
SPRepr * updateRepr (unsigned int flags=SP_OBJECT_WRITE_EXT)
 Updates the object's repr based on the object's state.

Public Attributes

CollectionPolicy _collection_policy
gchar * _default_label
sigc::signal< void, SPObject * > _delete_signal
gchar * _label
SPObject * _last_child
SPObject * _successor
unsigned int _total_hrefcount
sigc::signal< void, NR::Matrix
const *, SPItem * > 
SPObject * children
SPClipPathReference * clip_ref
unsigned int cloned: 1
std::vector< SPGuideConstraint > constraints
SPItemView * display
SPDocument * document
unsigned int hrefcount
gchar * id
SPMaskReference * mask_ref
unsigned int mflags: 8
SPObject * next
SPObject * parent
SPRepr * repr
unsigned int sensitive: 1
unsigned int stop_paint: 1
SPStyle * style
NR::Matrix transform
unsigned int uflags: 8
SPIXmlSpace xml_space

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