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static void sp_export_set_image_y ( GtkObject *  base  )  [static]

A function to set the ydpi.

base The export dialog
This function grabs all of the y values and then figures out the new bitmap size based on the changing dpi value. The dpi value is gotten from the xdpi setting as these can not currently be independent.

Definition at line 1484 of file export.cpp.

References sp_export_value_get(), sp_export_value_get_px(), and sp_export_value_set().

Referenced by sp_export_xdpi_value_changed().

    float y0, y1, xdpi;

    y0 = sp_export_value_get_px (base, "y0");
    y1 = sp_export_value_get_px (base, "y1");
    xdpi = sp_export_value_get (base, "xdpi");

    sp_export_value_set (base, "ydpi", xdpi);
    sp_export_value_set (base, "bmheight", (y1 - y0) * xdpi / DPI_BASE);

} // end of sp_export_set_image_y()

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