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SweepEvent Class Reference

#include <sweep-event.h>

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Detailed Description

One intersection event.

Definition at line 10 of file sweep-event.h.

Public Member Functions

void MakeDelete (void)
 Void a SweepEvent structure.
void MakeNew (SweepTree *iLeft, SweepTree *iRight, NR::Point const &iPt, double itl, double itr)
 Initialize a SweepEvent structure.

Public Attributes

int ind
 Index in the binary heap.
NR::Point posx
 Coordinates of the intersection.
SweepTreesweep [2]
 Sweep element associated with the left and right edge of the intersection.
double tl
double tr
 Coordinates of the intersection on the left edge (tl) and on the right edge (tr).

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