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Snapper Class Reference

#include <snap.h>

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GridSnapper GuideSnapper

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Detailed Description

Parent for classes that can snap points to something.

Definition at line 35 of file snap.h.

Public Types

enum  PointType { SNAP_POINT, BBOX_POINT }

Public Member Functions

NR::Coord getDistance () const
bool getSnapTo (PointType t) const
bool getSnapToBBox () const
void setDistance (NR::Coord d)
void setSnapTo (PointType t, bool s)
 Snapper (SPNamedView const *nv, NR::Coord const d)
virtual NR::Coord vector_snap (PointType t, NR::Point &req, NR::Point const &d) const =0
bool will_snap_something () const

Protected Member Functions

NR::Coord intersector_a_vector_snap (NR::Point &req, NR::Point const &mv, NR::Point const &n, NR::Coord const d) const

Protected Attributes

SPNamedView const * _named_view

Private Attributes

NR::Coord _distance
std::map< PointType, bool > _snap_to

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