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SPAction * Inkscape::Verb::make_action ( SPView *  view  )  [protected, virtual]

Verbs are no good without actions. This is a place holder for a function that every subclass should write. Most can be written using make_action_helper.

view Which view the action should be created for.
NULL to represent error (this function shouldn't ever be called)

Reimplemented in Inkscape::FileVerb, Inkscape::EditVerb, Inkscape::SelectionVerb, Inkscape::LayerVerb, Inkscape::ObjectVerb, Inkscape::ContextVerb, Inkscape::ZoomVerb, Inkscape::DialogVerb, Inkscape::HelpVerb, Inkscape::TutorialVerb, and Inkscape::EffectLastVerb.

Definition at line 339 of file verbs.cpp.

Referenced by get_action().

//    std::cout << "make_action" << std::endl;
    return NULL;

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