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Inkscape::Verb Class Reference

#include <verbs.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::Verb:

Inkscape::ContextVerb Inkscape::DialogVerb Inkscape::EditVerb Inkscape::EffectLastVerb Inkscape::FileVerb Inkscape::HelpVerb Inkscape::LayerVerb Inkscape::ObjectVerb Inkscape::SelectionVerb Inkscape::TutorialVerb Inkscape::ZoomVerb

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Detailed Description

A class to represent things the user can do. In many ways these are 'action factories' as they are used to create individual actions that are based on a given view.

Definition at line 226 of file verbs.h.

Public Member Functions

void delete_view (SPView *view)
 A function to remove the action associated with a view.
SPActionget_action (SPView *view)
 A function to get an action if it exists, or otherwise to build it.
unsigned int get_code (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.
gchar const * get_id (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.
 Verb (gchar const *id, gchar const *name, gchar const *tip, gchar const *image)
 Create a verb without a code.
 Verb (const unsigned int code, gchar const *id, gchar const *name, gchar const *tip, gchar const *image)
 Inititalizes the Verb with the parameters.
virtual ~Verb (void)
 Destroy a verb.

Static Public Member Functions

static void delete_all_view (SPView *view)
 A function to delete a view from all verbs.
static Verbget (unsigned int code)
 A function to turn a code into a verb.

Protected Member Functions

virtual SPActionmake_action (SPView *view)
 Verbs are no good without actions. This is a place holder for a function that every subclass should write. Most can be written using make_action_helper.
SPActionmake_action_helper (SPView *view, SPActionEventVector *vector, void *in_pntr=NULL)
 A quick little convience function to make building actions a little bit easier.

Private Types

typedef hash_map< SPView
*, SPAction * > 
 A simple typedef to make using the action table easier.
typedef hash_map< unsigned int,
Inkscape::Verb * > 
 An easy to use defition of the table of verbs by code.

Static Private Member Functions

static Verbget_search (unsigned int code)
 A function to turn a code into a Verb for dynamically created Verbs.

Private Attributes

 A list of all the actions that have been created for this verb. It is referenced by the view that they are created for.
unsigned int _code
 Unique numerical representation of the verb. In most cases it is a value from the anonymous enum at the top of this file.
gchar const * _id
 A unique textual ID for the verb.
gchar const * _image
 Name of the image that represents the verb.
gchar const * _name
 The full name of the verb. (shown on menu entries).
gchar const * _tip
 Tooltip for the verb.

Static Private Attributes

static Verb_base_verbs [SP_VERB_LAST+1]
 The table of statically created verbs which are mostly 'base verbs'.
static VerbTable _verbs
 A table of all the dynamically created verbs.

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