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Inkscape::URIReference Class Reference

#include <uri-references.h>

Inherited by SPClipPathReference, SPGradientReference, SPMarkerReference, SPMaskReference, SPPatternReference, and SPUseReference.

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Detailed Description

A class encapsulating a reference to a particular URI; observers can be notified when the URI comes to reference a different SPObject.

The URIReference increments and decrements the SPObject's hrefcount automatically.

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Definition at line 35 of file uri-references.h.

Public Member Functions

void attach (const URI &uri) throw (BadURIException)
sigc::signal< void, SPObject
*, SPObject * > 
changedSignal ()
void detach ()
SPObject * getObject () const
 Returns a pointer to the current referrent of the attached URI, or NULL.
SPObject * getOwner () const
 Returns a pointer to the URIReference's owner.
const URIgetURI () const
bool isAttached () const
 URIReference (SPObject *owner)
virtual ~URIReference ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool _acceptObject (SPObject *obj) const

Private Member Functions

void _setObject (SPObject *object)
void operator= (const URIReference &ref)

Static Private Member Functions

static void _release (SPObject *object, URIReference *reference)

Private Attributes

sigc::signal< void, SPObject
*, SPObject * > 
sigc::connection _connection
SPObject * _obj
SPObject * _owner

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