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Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::SVGPreview Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Simple class for displaying an SVG file in the "preview widget." Currently, this is just a wrapper of the sp_svg_view Gtk widget. Hopefully we will eventually replace with a pure Gtkmm widget.

Definition at line 82 of file filedialog.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool set (Glib::ustring &fileName, int dialogType)
bool setDocument (SPDocument *doc)
bool setFileName (Glib::ustring &fileName)
bool setFromMem (char const *xmlBuffer)
bool setURI (URI &uri)
void showImage (Glib::ustring &fileName)
void showNoPreview ()
void showTooLarge (long fileLength)

Private Attributes

SPDocument * document
bool showingNoPreview
GtkWidget * viewerGtk

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