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Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::FileOpenDialogImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::UI::Dialogs::FileOpenDialogImpl:


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Detailed Description

Our implementation class for the FileOpenDialog interface..

Definition at line 604 of file filedialog.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 FileOpenDialogImpl (char const *dir, FileDialogType fileTypes, char const *title)
gchar * getFilename ()
Inkscape::Extension::ExtensiongetSelectionType ()
bool show ()
virtual ~FileOpenDialogImpl ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FileOpenDialogcreate (const char *path, FileDialogType fileTypes, const char *title)

Private Member Functions

void createFilterMenu ()
void fileNameEntryChangedCallback ()
void fileSelectedCallback ()
void updatePreviewCallback ()

Private Attributes

FileDialogType dialogType
std::map< Glib::ustring,
Inkscape::Extension::Extension * > 
Gtk::Entry fileNameEntry
Glib::ustring myFilename
SVGPreview svgPreview

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