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Inkscape::SvgProfile::BitField Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The core of the SvgProfile class, this implements a bitfield which can be several integers large with standard operations independent of size.

Definition at line 92 of file svg-profile.h.

Public Member Functions

 BitField (unsigned int in_bits[ARRAY_SIZE])
 Constructs a bitfield by passing in another array describing how the bits should look. The function just copies the array into bits.
 BitField (void)
 Constructor for the bitfield, it clears the bits array by setting things to zero.
BitFieldoperator= (const BitField &other)
 Causes one BitField to take on the values stored in a different bitfield.
bool operator== (const BitField &in_field) const
 The equals operator, but it doesn't do quite that. This function checks to see if there are bits that are similarly high in both bitfields.
BitField operator| (const BitField &other) const
 Does a bitwise OR on two bitfields. It does this for the entire bits array.
BitFieldoperator|= (const BitField &other)
 Does a logical OR of the bitfield with another bitfield. It does this by using |=.
void set (const unsigned int pos)
 A convience function to set a particular bit in the bitfield.

Private Attributes

unsigned int bits [ARRAY_SIZE]
 The actuall array holding the bitfield.

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