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Inkscape::ObjectHierarchy Class Reference

#include <object-hierarchy.h>

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Detailed Description

An Inkscape::ObjectHierarchy is useful for situations where one wishes to keep a reference to an SPObject, but fall back on one of its ancestors when that object is removed.

That cannot be accomplished simply by hooking the "release" signal of the SPObject, as by the time that signal is emitted, the object's parent field has already been cleared.

There are also some subtle refcounting issues to take into account.

See also:

Definition at line 39 of file object-hierarchy.h.

Public Member Functions

SPObject * bottom ()
void clear ()
sigc::connection connectAdded (const sigc::slot< void, SPObject * > &slot)
sigc::connection connectChanged (const sigc::slot< void, SPObject *, SPObject * > &slot)
sigc::connection connectRemoved (const sigc::slot< void, SPObject * > &slot)
bool contains (SPObject *object)
 ObjectHierarchy (SPObject *top=NULL)
void setBottom (SPObject *object)
void setTop (SPObject *object)
SPObject * top ()

Private Member Functions

void _addBottom (SPObject *object)
 adds one object to the bottom
void _addBottom (SPObject *senior, SPObject *junior)
 adds objects in range (senior, junior] to the bottom
void _addTop (SPObject *object)
 adds one object to the top
void _addTop (SPObject *senior, SPObject *junior)
 adds objects in range [senior, junior) to the top
Record _attach (SPObject *object)
void _clear ()
void _detach (Record const &record)
void _trimAbove (SPObject *limit)
 removes all objects above the limit object
void _trimBelow (SPObject *limit)
 removes all objects below the limit object
 ObjectHierarchy (ObjectHierarchy const &)
void operator= (ObjectHierarchy const &)

Static Private Member Functions

static void _trim_for_release (SPObject *released, ObjectHierarchy *hier)

Private Attributes

sigc::signal< void, SPObject * > _added_signal
sigc::signal< void, SPObject
*, SPObject * > 
std::list< Record > _hierarchy
sigc::signal< void, SPObject * > _removed_signal


struct  Record

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