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Inkscape::IO::Writer Class Reference

#include <inkscapestream.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::IO::Writer:

Inkscape::IO::BasicWriter Inkscape::IO::OutputStreamWriter Inkscape::IO::StdWriter Inkscape::IO::UriWriter

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Detailed Description

This interface and its descendants are for unicode character-oriented output

Definition at line 425 of file inkscapestream.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void close ()=0
virtual void flush ()=0
virtual Writerprintf (char *fmt,...)=0
virtual void put (gunichar ch)=0
virtual WriterwriteBool (bool val)=0
virtual WriterwriteChar (char val)=0
virtual WriterwriteDouble (double val)=0
virtual WriterwriteFloat (float val)=0
virtual WriterwriteInt (int val)=0
virtual WriterwriteLong (long val)=0
virtual WriterwriteShort (short val)=0
virtual WriterwriteStdString (std::string &val)=0
virtual WriterwriteString (const char *str)=0
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedInt (unsigned int val)=0
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedLong (unsigned long val)=0
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedShort (unsigned short val)=0
virtual WriterwriteUString (Glib::ustring &val)=0

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