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Inkscape::IO::BasicWriter Class Reference

#include <inkscapestream.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::IO::BasicWriter:

Inkscape::IO::Writer Inkscape::IO::OutputStreamWriter Inkscape::IO::StdWriter Inkscape::IO::UriWriter

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Detailed Description

This class and its descendants are for unicode character-oriented output

Definition at line 474 of file inkscapestream.h.

Public Member Functions

 BasicWriter (Writer &destinationWriter)
virtual void close ()
virtual void flush ()
virtual Writerprintf (char *fmt,...)
virtual void put (gunichar ch)
virtual WriterwriteBool (bool val)
virtual WriterwriteChar (char val)
virtual WriterwriteDouble (double val)
virtual WriterwriteFloat (float val)
virtual WriterwriteInt (int val)
virtual WriterwriteLong (long val)
virtual WriterwriteShort (short val)
virtual WriterwriteStdString (std::string &val)
virtual WriterwriteString (const char *str)
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedInt (unsigned int val)
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedLong (unsigned long val)
virtual WriterwriteUnsignedShort (unsigned short val)
virtual WriterwriteUString (Glib::ustring &val)

Protected Attributes


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