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Inkscape::GZipBuffer Class Reference

#include <streams-gzip.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 29 of file streams-gzip.h.

Public Member Functions

 GZipBuffer (URIHandle &urih)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int allocate_buffers ()
virtual int consume (guint8 *buf, int nbytes)
virtual int consume_and_inflate ()
virtual int copy_to_get (guint8 *data, int nbytes)
virtual int do_consume (guint8 *buf, int nbytes)
virtual int do_consume_and_inflate (int nbytes)
virtual int do_copy_to_get (guint8 *data, int nbytes)
virtual GByteArray * do_inflate (guint8 *in_buffer, int nbytes)
virtual int flush_output ()
virtual GByteArray * inflate (guint8 *in_buffer, int nbytes)
virtual void init_inflation () throw (ZlibBufferException)
virtual int overflow (int c=EOF)
virtual int reallocate_buffers (int new_getsize, int new_putsize)
virtual void reset_inflation () throw (ZlibBufferException)
virtual int underflow ()

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

void check_flags (guint8 *data) throw (GZipHeaderException)
void check_signature (guint8 *data) throw (GZipHeaderException)
void consume_header () throw (GZipHeaderException)
gchar * get_comment ()
guint16 get_crc ()
void get_extrafield ()
gchar * get_filename ()
 GZipBuffer (GZipBuffer const &rhs)
GZipBufferoperator= (GZipBuffer const &rhs)
gchar * read_string () throw (GZipHeaderException)

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