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Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::Plugin Class Reference

#include <plugin.h>

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Detailed Description

For the most part this is a direct steal from implementation.h in that all the functions have the same prototypes. The two added things are a pointer to the loaded module and a pointer to the symbol table in that.

Definition at line 27 of file plugin.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned begin (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, SPDocument *doc)
virtual unsigned bind (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRMatrix const *transform, float opacity)
virtual bool check (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
 Just check to make sure everything exists. This makes sure that the loadable file exits.
virtual unsigned comment (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, const char *comment)
virtual void effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, SPView *document)
virtual unsigned fill (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRBPath const *bpath, NRMatrix const *ctm, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned finish (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned image (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, unsigned char *px, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, unsigned int rs, NRMatrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style)
virtual bool load (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
 Oh, so someone actually wants to use this plugin! We better go and grab it then!
virtual SPDocument * open (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
 Plugin (void)
 Create an object by nulling everything out.
virtual Gdk::NativeWindow prefs_effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, SPView *view)
virtual GtkDialog * prefs_input (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
virtual GtkDialog * prefs_output (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module)
virtual unsigned release (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual void save (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module, SPDocument *doc, gchar const *filename)
virtual unsigned set_preview (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned setup (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned stroke (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRBPath const *bpath, NRMatrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned text (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, char const *text, NR::Point p, SPStyle const *style)
virtual bool textToPath (Inkscape::Extension::Print *ext)
 Tell the printing engine whether text should be text or path.
virtual void unload (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
 No one is interested in this plugin for now. It is removed to save memory.

Private Attributes

Glib::Module * _module
 A pointer to the module created when loading the plugin.
 The symbol table that is in the plugin. It is pulled out here so that it doesn't have to be grabbed as often.

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