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Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::Implementation Class Reference

#include <implementation.h>

Inheritance diagram for Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::Implementation:

Inkscape::Extension::Implementation::Plugin Inkscape::Extension::Plugin::GimpGrad Inkscape::Extension::Plugin::Grid

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Detailed Description

Base class for all implementations of modules. This is whether they are done systematically by having something like the scripting system, or they are implemented internally they all derive from this class.

Definition at line 32 of file implementation.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned begin (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, SPDocument *doc)
virtual unsigned bind (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRMatrix const *transform, float opacity)
virtual bool check (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
virtual unsigned comment (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, const char *comment)
virtual void effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, SPView *document)
virtual unsigned fill (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRBPath const *bpath, NRMatrix const *ctm, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned finish (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned image (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, unsigned char *px, unsigned int w, unsigned int h, unsigned int rs, NRMatrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style)
virtual bool load (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)
 This function is the stub load. It just returns sucess.
virtual SPDocument * open (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
virtual Gdk::NativeWindow prefs_effect (Inkscape::Extension::Effect *module, SPView *view)
virtual GtkDialog * prefs_input (Inkscape::Extension::Input *module, gchar const *filename)
virtual GtkDialog * prefs_output (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module)
virtual unsigned release (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual void save (Inkscape::Extension::Output *module, SPDocument *doc, gchar const *filename)
virtual unsigned set_preview (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned setup (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module)
virtual unsigned stroke (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, NRBPath const *bpath, NRMatrix const *transform, SPStyle const *style, NRRect const *pbox, NRRect const *dbox, NRRect const *bbox)
virtual unsigned text (Inkscape::Extension::Print *module, char const *text, NR::Point p, SPStyle const *style)
virtual bool textToPath (Inkscape::Extension::Print *ext)
 Tell the printing engine whether text should be text or path.
virtual void unload (Inkscape::Extension::Extension *module)

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