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Inkscape::EditVerb Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class to encompass all of the verbs which deal with edit operations.

Definition at line 124 of file verbs.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void delete_view (SPView *view)
 A function to remove the action associated with a view.
 EditVerb (const unsigned int code, gchar const *id, gchar const *name, gchar const *tip, gchar const *image)
 Use the Verb initializer with the same parameters.
SPActionget_action (SPView *view)
 A function to get an action if it exists, or otherwise to build it.
unsigned int get_code (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.
gchar const * get_id (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.

Static Public Member Functions

static void delete_all_view (SPView *view)
 A function to delete a view from all verbs.
static Verbget (unsigned int code)
 A function to turn a code into a verb.

Protected Member Functions

virtual SPActionmake_action (SPView *view)
 Create an action for a EditVerb.
SPActionmake_action_helper (SPView *view, SPActionEventVector *vector, void *in_pntr=NULL)
 A quick little convience function to make building actions a little bit easier.

Static Private Member Functions

static void perform (SPAction *action, void *mydata, void *otherdata)
 Decode the verb code and take appropriate action.

Static Private Attributes

static SPActionEventVector vector

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