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Inkscape::ContextVerb Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class to encompass all of the verbs which deal with operations relative to context.

Definition at line 200 of file verbs.cpp.

Public Member Functions

 ContextVerb (const unsigned int code, gchar const *id, gchar const *name, gchar const *tip, gchar const *image)
 Use the Verb initializer with the same parameters.
void delete_view (SPView *view)
 A function to remove the action associated with a view.
SPActionget_action (SPView *view)
 A function to get an action if it exists, or otherwise to build it.
unsigned int get_code (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.
gchar const * get_id (void)
 Accessor to get the internal variable.

Static Public Member Functions

static void delete_all_view (SPView *view)
 A function to delete a view from all verbs.
static Verbget (unsigned int code)
 A function to turn a code into a verb.

Protected Member Functions

virtual SPActionmake_action (SPView *view)
 Create an action for a ContextVerb.
SPActionmake_action_helper (SPView *view, SPActionEventVector *vector, void *in_pntr=NULL)
 A quick little convience function to make building actions a little bit easier.

Static Private Member Functions

static void perform (SPAction *action, void *mydata, void *otherdata)
 Decode the verb code and take appropriate action.

Static Private Attributes

static SPActionEventVector vector

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