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void sp_action_perform ( SPAction action,
void *  data 

Executes an action.

action The action to be executed
data Data that is passed into the action. This depends on the situation that the action is used in.
This function implements the 'action' in SPActions. It first validates its parameters, making sure it got an action passed in. Then it turns that action into its parent class of NRActiveObject. The NRActiveObject allows for listeners to be attached to it. This function goes through those listeners and calls them with the vector that was attached to the listener.

Definition at line 117 of file action.cpp.

References SPActionEventVector::perform, and SP_IS_ACTION.

      NRActiveObject *aobject;

      nr_return_if_fail (action != NULL);
      nr_return_if_fail (SP_IS_ACTION (action));

      aobject = NR_ACTIVE_OBJECT(action);
      if (aobject->callbacks) {
            unsigned int i;
            for (i = 0; i < aobject->callbacks->length; i++) {
                  NRObjectListener *listener;
                  SPActionEventVector *avector;

                  listener = &aobject->callbacks->listeners[i];
                  avector = (SPActionEventVector *) listener->vector;

                  if ((listener->size >= sizeof (SPActionEventVector)) && avector != NULL && avector->perform != NULL) {
                        avector->perform (action, listener->data, data);

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