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 *  FlowSrcText.h

#ifndef my_flow_srctext
#define my_flow_srctext

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "FlowDefs.h"

class text_holder;
class one_flow_src;

class partial_text {
      char*            utf8_text;
      int              utf8_length,ucs4_length;
      // possible owners of this
      text_holder*     t_owner;
      one_flow_src*    f_owner;
      // temp data
      bool             white_start,white_end;

      void             ResetText(void);
      void             AddSVGInputText(char* iText,int iLen);
      void             SetWhiteEnds(void);
      void             Delete(int st,int en);
      void             Insert(int at,char* iText,int iLen);
      int              UTF8_2_UCS4(int utf8_pos);
      int              UCS4_2_UTF8(int ucs4_pos);

class correspondance {
      typedef struct corresp_src {
            partial_text*  txt;
            int            utf8_offset,ucs4_offset;
      } corresp_src;
      int              nbSrc,maxSrc;
      corresp_src*             src;
      partial_text*    dst;
      typedef struct corresp {
            int            s_utf8_st,s_utf8_en;
            int            d_utf8_st,d_utf8_en;
            int            s_ucs4_st,s_ucs4_en;
            int            d_ucs4_st,d_ucs4_en;
            int            s_no;
      } corresp;
      int              nbCorr,maxCorr;
      corresp*         corrs;

      int              last_add_start;
      bool             currently_adding;

      void             AddSource(partial_text* iSrc);
      void             SetDestination(partial_text* iDst);

      // special cases of correspondance
      // 1 - SPString contents -> text for SPText
      void             PrepareForText(bool preserve,bool &after_white);
      // 2 - SPString contents -> text for SPFlowtext
      void             PrepareForFlow(bool preserve,bool &after_white);
      // 3 - text_flow_src -> text_holder
      void             PrepareForMerge(void);
      void             StartAdding(void);
      void             TreatChar(int pos,bool add_it,int source_no);
      void             FlushAdding(int pos,int source_no);
      void             EndAdding(void);
      void             SourceToDest(int i_8_pos,int i_4_pos,partial_text* i_txt,int &o_8_pos,int &o_4_pos,bool is_end);
      void             DestToSource(int i_8_pos,int i_4_pos,int &o_8_pos,int &o_4_pos,partial_text* &o_txt,bool is_end);
      void             ResetCorrespondances(void);
      void             AddCorrespondance(int s_8_st,int s_8_en,int s_4_st,int s_4_en,int d_8_st,int d_8_en,int d_4_st,int d_4_en,int s_no);
      void             AppendDest(int source_st,int source_en,int source_no);


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