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 *  FlowDest.h

#ifndef my_flow_dest
#define my_flow_dest

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "FlowDefs.h"

class Path;
class Shape;
class flow_dest;
class FloatLigne;

class flow_dest {
      Shape*       rgn_dest; // prior to diff by regionExclude
      Shape*       rgn_flow; // after ...
      flow_dest*   next_in_flow; // as the name says; set by the flowtext owning the flowregion
      double       l,t,r,b;
      int          curPt;
      float        curY;

      typedef struct cached_line {
            int          date;
            FloatLigne*  theLine;
            double       y,a,d;
      } cached_line;
      int                   lastDate; // date for the cache
      int                   maxCache,nbCache;
      cached_line*          caches;  
      FloatLigne*           tempLine;
      FloatLigne*           tempLine2;

      void           Reset(void);
      void           AddShape(Shape* i_shape);
      void           Prepare(void);
      void           UnPrepare(void);
      void                           ComputeLine(float y,float a,float d);
  box_sol        NextBox(box_sol& after,double asc,double desc,double lead,bool skip,bool &stillSameLine,double min_length);
  box_sol        TxenBox(box_sol& after,double asc,double desc,double lead,bool skip,bool &stillSameLine,double min_length);
  double         RemainingOnLine(box_sol& after);
  double         RemainingOnEnil(box_sol& after);


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