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gimpgrad.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

A plug-in to import GIMP gradients into Inkscape.

Definition in file gimpgrad.cpp.

#include <glibmm/ustring.h>
#include <extension/implementation/implementation.h>
#include <color-rgba.h>
#include <document.h>
#include "io/sys.h"
#include <extension/implementation/plugin-link.h>

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namespace  Inkscape
namespace  Inkscape::Extension
namespace  Inkscape::Extension::Plugin


class  Inkscape::Extension::Plugin::GimpGrad
 Implementation class of the GIMP gradient plugin. This mostly just creates a namespace for the GIMP gradient plugin today. More...


int load (inkscape_extension *in_ext)
 A function with a C prototype to link back into Inkscape. This function allocated a GimpGrad and then calls it's load.
SPDocument * open (inkscape_extension *in_ext, const gchar *filename)
 A C prototype wrapper for the object's function.
void unload (inkscape_extension *in_ext)
 A function with a C prototype to link back to Inkscape. This function called the GimpGrad unload function and then deletes the object.


inkscape_plugin_function_table INKSCAPE_PLUGIN_NAME
 A structure holding all the functions that Inkscape uses to communicate with this plugin. These are all C-prototype based for easy compliation.
 This is the actual implementation here. This is done as the more generic Implemetnation object so that this code can be stolen by someone else more easily.

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