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 *  text_holder.h

#ifndef my_flow_boxes
#define my_flow_boxes

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "FlowDefs.h"
#include "FlowSrcText.h"

//#include <pango/pango.h>

class text_style;
class flow_styles;
class line_solutions;
class flow_eater;
class one_flow_src;

/* a class to hold the text of a paragraph being flowed into a shape.
 * the base directionality the paragraph is given by the directionality of its first box, ie boxes[0].rtl ; 
 * boxes are reordered to have only one direction: box i+1 is flowed right after box i
 * some information regarding the control elements in the text is stored in the ctrls array, but it
 * is mainly meant to hold the boundaries of boxes/ words/ style spans in the text
 * since pango needs it, the pango engines spans are also stored there

// types of control elements in the text
enum {
      ctrl_none      = 0,
      ctrl_return    = 1, // newline
      ctrl_tab       = 2,
      ctrl_style     = 3, // style span end or start
      ctrl_bidi      = 4, // bidi span end or start
      ctrl_lang      = 5, // language span end or start
      ctrl_letter    = 6, 
      ctrl_word      = 7,
      ctrl_box       = 8,
      ctrl_shp_eng   = 9, // span of identical shape_engine for pango, end or start
      ctrl_lang_eng  = 10,
      ctrl_soft_hyph = 11 // soft hyphen

class text_holder {
      // source text
      partial_text   raw_text;
      correspondance flow_to_me;
      int            utf8_length;    // the text 
      char*          utf8_text;      // actually, it's a pointer on the dst_text in raw_text
      int            ucs4_length;    // not really needed
      // list of non-text stuff (control chars)
      // it is an array of boundaries or positions
      typedef struct one_ctrl {
            int          pos;      // position of this boundary/ element. position i means: 'at beginning of char i in the text'
            bool         is_start; // is it a boundary that begins a span?
            bool         is_end;   // is it a boundary that ends a span?
            int                            other;    // if boundary of a span, index of the other boundary for this span
            int          typ;      // type of the control
            int          ind,inv;  // temporary variables to allow refreshing the field 'other' after sorting
            int          ucs4_offset; // offset in number of unicode codepoint wrt the beginning of the text (for kerning)
            union {
                  int          i;
                  text_style*  s;
                  void*                    v;
            } data; // possible data
      } one_ctrl;
      // the array of controls
      int            nbCtrl,maxCtrl;
      one_ctrl*                ctrls;
      // resulting boxes for the flow
      // these are intermediate values for the flow algorithm: boxes are flowed, and after that, each flowed box
      // is treated individually, and its glyphs are sent to the appropriate functions
      typedef struct one_flow_box {
            int          st,en,ucs4_offset; // dimensions in the source text
            bool         rtl;               // contains text right-to-left?
            bool         white;             // whitespace?
            bool         hyphenated;        // ends with an hyphen?
            box_sizes    meas;              // cached dimensions
            int          next,prev;         // next and prev box in the flow.
                                            // for an hyphenated box, next is the box corresponding to the rest of the word
            int                            first,link;        // boxes corresponding to the first possible hyphenation of the current box, 
                                            // and to the next possible hyphenation respectively
      } one_flow_box;
      // array of boxes
      int            nbBox,maxBox;
      one_flow_box*  boxes;
      // kerning info, built when the text is collected.
      // if kern_x != NULL then kern_x covers all the text in this text_holder; idem for kern_y
      int                                  nb_kern_x,nb_kern_y;
      double                         *kern_x,*kern_y; 
      // temp data
      bool           paragraph_rtl;
      one_flow_src*  source_start;  // for the sp-text layout, to which tspan/ textpath does this text belong?
      one_flow_src*  source_end;  // for the sp-text layout, to which tspan/ textpath does this text belong?

      // adding utf8 text
      void                           AppendUTF8(partial_text* iTxt);
      void           LastAddition(int &d_utf8_st,int &d_ucs4_st,int &d_utf8_en,int &d_ucs4_en);
      // final touch on the raw_text, and setting utf8_text to point on tha appropriate location
      void                           DoText(void);
      // preparation of the text, mostly chunking into boxes
      void           DoChunking(flow_styles* style_holder);
      // computing the boxes sizes
      void           ComputeBoxes(void);
      // text metrics at position from_box in this text_holder
      // if flow_rtl is not boxes[0].rtl, from_box is understood as the index from the end
      bool           MetricsAt(int from_box,double &ascent,double &descent,double &leading,bool flow_rtl);
      // pushes boxes into the line_solution instance, to prepare the possible ways of filling a region span
      // last_in_para and last_in_rgn are set up by the calling flow_src::ComputeSols, and reflect whether this
      // text_holder is the last of the para or the region (should always end a para with current settings)
      bool           ComputeSols(int from_box,line_solutions* sols,int with_no,bool last_in_para,bool last_in_rgn,bool flow_rtl);
      // send boxes st_pos to en_pos (reverse if flow_rtl is not boxes[0].rtl) to the baby for recording glyphs
      void                           Feed(int st_pos,int en_pos,bool flow_rtl,flow_eater* baby);
      // manipulation of the array of controls
      void           AddCtrl(int pos,int typ);
      void           AddSpan(int st,int en,int typ);
      void           AddStyleSpan(int st,int en,text_style* i_s);
      void           AddBidiSpan(int st,int en,bool rtl);
      void           AddVoidSpan(int st,int en,int typ,void* i_l);
      void           SplitSpan(int a_t,int b_t);
      void           SubCtrl(int no);

      void           SortCtrl(void);
      void           AfficheCtrl(void);
      int            AddBox(one_flow_box &i_b);
      void           AfficheBoxes(void);
      // utility ctrl position functions
      bool           NextStop(int typ,int &n_st);
      bool           NextStart(int typ,int &n_st);
      bool           NextEnd(int typ,int &n_st);

      void           AddKerning(double* i_kern,int i_st,int i_en,bool is_x);
      int            UCS4Offset(int pos);
      void           NextSpanOfTyp(int typ,int &s_st,int &s_en);
      void           NextSpanOfTyp(int typ,int after,int &s_st,int &s_en);

      void           UpdatePangoAnalysis(int from,int p_st,int p_en,void *pan);
      void           MeasureText(int p_st,int p_en,box_sizes &a,void *pan,int b_offset,int with_hyphen);


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